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Dissertation Titles of Recent Graduates


Dissertation Title



LuFeng Shi

Effect of Dynamic Compression Characteristics on Aided Perception of Reverberant Speech

Dr. Karen Doherty

Assistant Professor at Brooklyn College

Lauren Calandruccio

Spectral Weighting Functions for Sentences in Listeners with Normal Hearing and Hearing Impairment With and Without Hearing Aids

Dr. Karen Doherty

Assistant Professor at Queens College at CUNY

Jonathan Preston

Phonological Processing and Speech Production in Preschoolers with Speech Sound Disorders

Dr. Mary Louise Edwards

Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut State University and also researcher at Haskins Laboratory in New Haven CT.

Debra Burnett

You didn’t mean that, did you? Exploring the roles of conventionality and context in interpreting ironic remarks.

Dr. Linda Milosky

Assistant Professor at Kansas State University