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Gebbie Clinic celebrated 42 years of service to the Community


Graduate Student Admissions

Upcoming Events:

Accepted Graduate Student Open House

March 20, 2015*  (Updated)

Details to follow

Scholarship opportunities in Speech-Language Pathology:


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We would like to share some great news about our department.

Student News

Chris Niemczak First year Au.D. student Christopher Niemczak was awarded ASHA's 2014 Audiology/Hearing Research Travel Award (ARTA)travel to the ASHA convention in November 2014. Congratulations, Chris!

Maldonado Carly Maldonado is a 3rd year AuD/PHD student and a member of The Minority Student Leadership Program. The Minority Leadership Program is awarded through the American, Speech, Language and Hearing Association, and more information can be found here

Faculty News

Dr. Beth Prieve CSD Professor, Dr. Beth Prieve was awarded 1.4 million grant to study auditory response among newborns. 

The most common birth defect among newborn babies is hearing loss. In fact, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, more that 12,000 babies are born each year with some degree of hearing loss.
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