ANCDS Podcast features Ramani Voleti

October 10, 2018

ANCDS (Academy of Neurogenic Communication Disorders and Sciences) offers a podcast series on the most interesting new topics in neurologic communication disorders. Episode 13 is titled, A Conversation w/ Ramani Voleti: A Personal Experience w/ Board Certification and Aspects of Clinical Practice. 

Ramani Voleti, M.S., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS, is an assistant teaching professor and speech language pathologist at the Gebbie Clinic here at Syracuse University.  She has several years of experience working in different settings and in different countries (India, Malaysia, Botswana, and US).  Her clinical and research interests include acquired neurogenic speech/language disorders, dysphagia, and voice disorders in adults.  She teaches courses in neurogenic communication disorders and professional issues in medical settings.  She is certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and is board certified in neurogenic communication disorders in adults by ANCDS. To l isten to this podcast, click here.

Social Skills Groups at the Gebbie Clinic

September 30, 2018

The Gebbie Clinic is currently running Social Skills groups for children ages 10-25 and various language and literacy based reading and writing groups for children in grades 5-7.  Please contact Meghan Lister for additional information at

Graduate Student presentations at ARA

September 28, 2018
Two of our Au.D/Ph.D. dual doctorate students recently presented at the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology, Fall 2018 Institute on September 24, 2018. Carly Alicea presented her research on "Targeted Re-instruction for Hearing Aid Use and Care Skills," and Jasleen Singh presented her poster on "Use of Amplication for Normal Hearing Adults in Background Noise."

Gebbie Hearing Clinic at the NY State Fair

August 28, 2018
Our clinic director, Joe Pellegrino, and several of our doctoral students from the Gebbie Hearing Clinic were at the state fair in August offering free hearing screenings.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association MSLP

August 27, 2018

Congratulations to Rebecca Lopez, Speech Language Pathology Graduate Student, on her selection to be a participant in ASHA's Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP) Class of 2018!

As an MSLP participant, Rebecca will take part in a set of leadership-focused educational programs and activities at this year's ASHA Convention in Boston, MA. These activities will help these students build and enhance their leadership skills and gain an understanding of how the Association works. In addition, she will have a chance to network with leaders in the professions of audiology, speech language pathology, and speech, language, and hearing sciences.

AAC Presentation at SUNY Cortland

July 24, 2018
SU's Assistant Teaching Professor, Sue Maxfield, guest lectured at SUNY Cortland's Communication Disorders & Sciences ACC Class in July. Professor Maxfield lectured on "Adult AAC Perspectives: Augmentative Alternative Communication Evaluation and Treatment Considerations for the Adult Population."

Ramani Voleti appointed to Board Certification Committee

October 17, 2017

Ramani Voleti, our clinical faculty & assistant teaching professor, was recently appointed for a 3 year term as a member of the Board Certification Committee of the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS). The Certification Board is responsible for implementing the Academy’s program of Board Certification in Neurologic Communication Disorders (BC-ANCDS).

Dr. Ellyn Riley selected to attend the 2018 TIGRR

October 17, 2017
Congratulations to Assistant Professor, Ellyn Riley who was recently selected to attend the 2018 Training in Grantsmanship for Rehabilitation Research (TIGRR) workshop. TIGRR is an intensive grant writing workshop that builds upon the successful model used by the Enhancing Rehabilitation Research in the South (ERRIS) workshops, and will be held January 9-13, 2018 in Charleston, SC.

CSD Professors recieve Meritorious Award

September 1, 2017
Congratulations to Assistant Teaching Professor, Megan Leece, and Associate Professor, Dr. Jonathan Preston! Their 2017 ASHA Convention Poster presentation titled, "Persisting /r/ Distortions Can Improve! Data from an Intensive, Motor-Based, Visual-Feedback Treatment Program" has been designated as a Meritorious Poster Submission. Award will be presented at the 2017 ASHA Convention this November in Los Angeles, CA.

ARTA Award

August 18, 2017
Congratulations Jasleen Singh, recipient of the Audiology/Hearing Science Research Travel Award (ARTA) to attend the 2017 ASHA Convention in Los Angeles, California, November 9–11.

Dr. Beth Prieve's NIH Grant

August 15, 2017

If you see babies and their parents coming into 621 Skytop Road, they are most likely being escorted down the hall to Dr Prieve’s Pediatric Audiology Laboratory.  Her current project is a team effort with Neonatology at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse and colleagues at Vanderbilt University.  Dr. Linda Hood and Dr. Prieve are multi-PIs on an R01, funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders/National Institutes of Health/Department of Health and Human Services, entitled ‘Modeling Auditory Responses and Behavioral Outcomes in Preterm Infants’.

This study grew out of clinical observations that Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABRs) in infants referred for diagnostic testing from newborn hearing screening programs were different in many ways from those in the literature.

Full article on SU News to come!

Dr. Preston Recieves NIH Grant

August 1, 2017

Dr. Jonathan Preston, Associate Professor, recently received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a randomized control trial testing different approaches to speech therapy for school-age children with apraxia of speech. The 3-year study will test the differences between treatments with and without ultrasound biofeedback of the tongue during speech therapy. It will also explore different models of service delivery (intensive treatment vs. more traditional scheduling). Megan Leece, one of our Gebbie Clinic Teaching Professors, as well as a number of undergraduate and graduate students, will be assisting with the project.

Dr. Lowell volunteers at an orphanage in Costa Rica

August 1, 2017

In spring, 2017 I was wrapping up my research leave period and looking for an immersion experience in which I could advance my cultural competency skills, give service to the international community, and refresh and grow my Spanish skills. I previously worked as a bilingual clinician for many years, but since being in academia have had fewer opportunities to work with Spanish-speaking clients.

I found a wonderful organization called the GoECO program, which works with local language and volunteer institutes around the world. They offered a 3 week volunteerism project in the area of social services, and worked with a fantastic local institute in San José, Costa Rica called the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA).

Dr. Soren Lowell, Associate Professor

(Full article in SU News to come!)

CNYSLHA Scholarship Winners

May 1, 2017
Congratulations to Kara Vrooman and Danielle Kealy, Winners of the 2017 CNYSLHA Scholarships!

Good Luck!

April 29, 2017
This week we celebrated our soon to be 4th year Doctor of Audiology student as we send them off for their externship placement! Good luck to Macee Bonoffski, Jill Greinert, Aimee Alilio, Jessica Donovan, Serena Hashem and Jaspreet Grewal.

University Forges Teleconsultation Program with Speech Pathologists in India(Video)

January 3, 2017

Check out this video about our Teleconsultation program headed up by Ramani Voleti M.S., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS, LSVTC.

View the original story at SU News.

Dr. Victoria Tumanova receives New Investigator Research Grant

November 17, 2016

Victoria Tumanova, assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders in the College of Arts and Sciences, recently received a $10,000 New Investigators Research Grant from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The award supports new scientists who have earned their doctorate degree in communication sciences within the last decade and who are pursuing research in audiology or speech-language pathology.

See the full article on SU News!

Dr. Ellyn Riley receives New Investigator Research Grant

November 17, 2016

Ellyn Riley, assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders in the College of Arts and Sciences, recently received a $10,000 New Investigators Research Grant from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The award supports new scientists who have earned their doctorate degree in communication sciences within the last decade and who are pursuing research in audiology or speech-language pathology.

Radhika Poovayya Visits the ASHA Convention

November 17, 2016
Radhika Poovayya, director of the Samvaad Institue in India, came to the ASHA Convention to support SLP students, Kelly Worcester and Kerry McNamara on their poster "Global Consultation and Collaboration: Who benefits?" Winner of the Meritorious Poster Award.

Olivia Frieling poster presentation at ASHA

November 17, 2016

Olivia Frieling, Linda Milosky, Anita Lightburn & Tanya Eckert (2016, November).
Use of Spectrograms to Increase American English Sound Patterns: Generalization to Spontaneous Speech

Poster presented at the annual convention of the Council of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Philadelphia, PA

Nicole Backes poster presentation at ASHA

November 17, 2016

Victoria Tumanova & Nicole Backes (2016, November).
Autonomic Nervous System Response to Various Speaking Tasks in Stuttering & Normally-Fluent Preschool-Age Children

Poster presented at the annual convention of the Council of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Philadelphia, PA

National Awards for Students in Auditory Research Lab

November 17, 2016

In the Auditory Electrophysiology Research Lab of Associate Professor Kathy Vander Werff, students play an important role in the research being done. Their commitment to the field of communication sciences and disorders is clear to their mentor—and now their academic excellence has been recognized by others outside the University.

Graduate student Sidorela Doci was honored with an award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; Ph.D. student Kenneth Morse received a research travel award to attend the upcoming American Speech-Language-Hearing (ASHA) Convention this month; and Vander Werff and several students won an award for a poster presentation at the American Academy of Audiology.

Read the full article at SU News.

Kelly Worcester Wins Alpha Vista-Asian India Causus Scholarship

November 17, 2016
Kelly Worcester, a second year graduate student in speech language pathology, won the "Alpha Vista-Asian Indian Caucus Scholarship" to the amount of $500 for her poster presentation titled “Global consultation and collaboration: who benefits?” at ASHA 2016. This student award was sponsored by The Asian Indian Caucus (AIC; a multicultural constituency group of ASHA) and AlphaVista USA, a leading provider of special education services in schools and was in recognition of speech/language/hearing/swallowing/cognition research/services pertaining to Asian Indian Population. Kelly was involved in a project that benefited patients with neurogenic communication disorders in India as a result of a collaboration between the Gebbie Clinic/Syracuse University and Samvaad Institute, India.

Kelly Worcester & Kerry McNamara present at ASHA

November 17, 2016

Ramani Voleti, Kelly Worcester, Kerry McNamara, Radhika Poovayya & Bhagya Shivkumar (2016, November). 
Global Consultation & Collaboration: Who Benefits?

Poster presented at the annual convention of the Council of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Philadelphia, PA

Kara Comins poster presentation at ASHA

November 1, 2016

Kara Comins, Linda Milosky, Megan Leece & Tanya Eckert (2016, November).
Multi-Modal Vocabulary Intervention Using Curriculum-Based Verbs  

Poster presented at the annual convention of the Council of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Philadelphia, PA

New Stuttering Lab Builds on Rich Research Tradition

October 5, 2016

Victoria Tumanova’s stuttering research lab in the communications sciences and disorders department resumes a long SU tradition of research on the subject. Tumanova, along with two undergraduate and two graduate students, explores the causes and persistence of stuttering in children and is looking to recruit Syracuse-area preschoolers, with and without stutters, for future studies.

“It’s great to see Dr. Tumanova rebuild a strong stuttering research program. In the ’80s and ’90s SU was one of the top stuttering research programs in the country,” says department chair, Karen Doherty. She explains that a former SU professor, Edward Conture, and an alumna, Patricia Zebrowski, mentored Tumanova prior to her accepting an assistant professorship at SU in 2013 and kicking off research in 2014. “Thus, it comes full circle for Dr. Tumanova to be the person to rebuild the stuttering lab,” Doherty says.

Read the full story at AS News.

Professor Examines Link Between Sleep, Aphasia Recovery

September 28, 2016

The Communications Sciences and Disorders department is host to a new research lab, led by Assistant Professor Ellyn Riley. Work will focus on the language disorder aphasia, which is most often caused by stroke. Riley and lab members will investigate how personal factors influence aphasia recovery.

“Dr. Riley has done an excellent job developing the aphasia lab, which brings a new area of research to our department, and fits in well with the neuroscience integrated learning major program at SU,” says department chair Karen Doherty.

Aphasia is a common language disorder that, in addition to stroke, can be caused by other attacks on the brain’s language centers, such as traumatic brain injury, infection, brain tumor or neurodegenerative diseases. The condition causes sufferers to have difficulty expressing and understanding language. Diagnosis by a speech-language pathologist or neurologist involves brain imaging and speech and language tests. Speech therapy is the primary treatment, but Riley will be investigating additional, supportive modalities to aid recovery.

Read the full article at AS News.

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Aphasia. Here's Why...

August 21, 2016
An article in the Huffington Post by Dr. Ellyn Riley.

A Different View of Sound

There is an excellent article written in the Syracuse A&S news about Dr. Preston’s research using ultrasound to treat speech sound disorders. Dr. Preston recently created a video demonstrating this type of treatment for, which is intended to be used by practicing clinicians and speech pathology students.

Kenny Morse Receives ARTA

Congratulations to Kenny Morse! He has been selected to receive the Audiology/Hearing Science Research Travel Award (ARTA) to attend the 2016 ASHA Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 17–19. This award is available to AuD and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in audiology or hearing science who have expressed an interest in pursuing a research career in communication sciences and disorders. As an award recipient, Kenny will receive a complimentary registration and a $500 stipend.